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Album - 2019 - Chorale

We are Family

Inside Voices - Album "We are family" - Enregistré et mixé au Studio Prado

INSIDE VOICES PARIS, (also known as IVP) is a dynamic and original a cappella choir founded by the British singer, SHEILAH CUFFY in April 2013. IVP evolved from the group INSIDE VOICES, which Sheilah started in Madrid, Spain in 1997.


At the moment IVP has almost 50 members and perform at least 8 concerts each year. In 2018 they recorded their first album, “We Are Family” at Studio Prado and in 2019 were the Parisien choir  chosen to perform with the actor Hugh Jackman at Bercy as  part of his world tour.


Their repertoire includes soul and pop classics as well as contemporary and traditional gospel. All songs are chosen for their social commentary and are performed with joy and positivity with a decidedly funky feel!

The members of IVP are from different countries, cultures, religions and traditions yet come together with one goal: to share their love of singing and the universal language of the world, music. In a world where each day we are separated for religious, racial and political motives, INSIDE VOICES PARIS, is a choir that unites, opening minds and hearts of their public with a  positive global message of love, peace, harmony, equality and freedom.

“We need more love in society, we need more love to set us free.”