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Album - 2014 - Jazz

Biches Bleues

Florian Pellissier Quintet

Timeless, the Florian Pellissier Quintet travels through jazz from Paris to New York. One rule of the game is to rediscover the sound of jazz bands in New York of the 60s who were mixing up American musicians with Europeans. Organic and inspired, the band needed to go through ten years of concerts and two albums to reach this goal. “Biches Blues” is hailed as a “bridge” record : a passageway hidden between two eras, a miracle of science.

One sax, one trumpet, piano, double bass and drums, nothing else, a simple acoustic sound, and above all Pierre Dachery: a sound engineer with magical ears. After “Le dibble et son train” released on the label “Les petites mains”, the band has set to on a new adventure with “Heavenly Sweetness”.

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