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Album - 2016 - Jazz - Corée - Old K-pop

Old School K-Pop revisited

Un voyage dans les sixties en Corée, entièrement consacré aux chansons de Bae Ho.

A voyage to Korea in the sixties, entirely dedicated to the music of Bae Ho.

Completely unknown outside of his country of birth, the crooner Bae Ho was a celebrity in Korea, and it was hard to come across an Ajuma (a Korean middle ages woman) who would not sing at east one of his songs by heart. The challenge took up by Baeshi Bang was to recreate some of this forgotten charm, without a singer yet with full use of modern technology.

“Their poetic sound creates an addictive melancholic poison”

“an unusual and seductive album, with rich textural arrangements that makes for effortless repeated listenings”
Liam Isod (SONGLINES – UK)

“Baeshi Bang sounds like a soundtrack from a Tarantino movie. Which is to say, clear references throughout, doesn’t shy away from pop music and all of it rich with strong emotions.”

“A repertoire which is genially modern and terribly fresh (…) the soundtrack of your summer!”

“Baeshi Bang managed to create a new k-culture trend”

“an invigorating tribute to Bae Ho (…) from a joyful group of musicians/explorers”

“They bring jazz liberty and creativity to this music, something which still a bit unusual to the korean scene, making it such a marvellous contribution”

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