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News - 2020

Baeshi Bang – Nouvel Album – EP – Enregistrement Batterie

Muju Records is proud to present the single "Janggi Taryeong", the first step towards a new Baeshi Bang album and of a promising Franco-Korean collaboration.
After a unanimously acclaimed album, dedicated to the Korean crooner of the 60ies Bae Ho (Buda Musique 2017), the Parisian quintet is embarking on a journey to explore traditional traditional Korean singing. They are joining forces with the collective of Pansori singers and percussionists Ip Koa Son, a brilliant representation of the young guard of traditional musicians living in Seoul.
This new song is an adaptation of a "Minyo", the most famous traditional singing style in Korea. It highlights the powerful timbre of Sungtae Shin, singer of the famous group Ssing Ssing. This single will be followed by an album recorded in early 2021.